About Tashiro Dojo

In 1961, Tashiro Keizan, Judo practitioner, met purely by chance, the founder of Aikido and sensed that the technique and spirituality of the Aikido founder truly resonated the meaning of Budo. It was Tashiro Sensei’s dojo, which specialized in Judo, which became the first local base for the expansion of Aikido, and the Nagoya Branch was thus inaugurated.

Aikido Founder
Ueshiba Morihei Sensei

Judo Practitioner
Tashiro Keizan Sensei

The founder’s live-in disciple from Aikido headquarters was dispatched to Nagoya and Aikido training began with the founder paying frequent visits to the dojo. From that time on, many Shihan came to teach at Tashiro Dojo, producing a large number of instructors who in turn became the core for the expansion of Aikido in Nagoya.
In 1970, after the passing of Tashiro Keizan, his heir, Tashiro Fumihiro Sensei succeeded him as the second dojo head, and at present training is being carried out under the guidance of the Nagoya Branch Head of Aikido, Wada Shihan. The Nagoya branch of Aikikai is made up of four groups with Tashiro Dojo as the representative dojo and events such as joint training, black belt training and gradings are planned each year.
Training with the sword and jo is incorporated as they teach Aikido principles that are applied to empty-hand training.
We have continual exchange with the San Diego Aikikai, our sister dojo, with joint training carried out in both countries.
May 3, 1990 San Diego Aikikai Sister Dojo Commemorative Plaque  Furthermore, we are working towards the improvement of technique and the development of instructors through the participation in the Kofuukai training sessions which target second degree black belts and above.